New MSN page enhances brands

The all-new MSN homepage redesign has gone a little further than just a whole new look, it actually shows the page enhances brands.

To launch the new MSN homepage launch advertisers such as The Potato Council, Sony and Nissan are at the forefront of signing up first to the platform, even Tetley Tea are on board.

New MSN page enhances brands

The whole new Microsoft portal is part of the new cross-device platform that looks fantastic, fresh and clean throughout is what MSN customers are loving at the moment.

Sony Mobile is running a campaign on the MSN homepage to highlight its new smartphone, Nissan will be taking over the MSN Cars channel for two weeks to promote the Nissan Leaf electric car, they will also be sponsoring the MSN Innovation channel.

Another launch advertiser is The Potato Council, they will be the new sponsors for the MSN Food & Drink channel. Other brands included in the line up are Virgin Holidays, Citroen and Lexus.

You can read more about the new MSN homepage redesign here, which now has a beautiful look showing if the new channels such as sport, entertainment, money, news, lifestyle, health & fitness, travel, cars, video and food & drink.

Source – The Drun

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  • Debbie Leckliter

    it sucks

  • Roger Washburn

    This is unfair I didn’t have no problem with the new MSN now since it be delete how can I put it back the old msn to my live title all my infor

  • pat

    What happened to “my msn”? all my personal stuff has vanished! What a dirty trick this is.I feel like I’ve been blind-sighted! Good excuse to change to Mac.