ISPCA Love Your Pets social media campaign

ISPCA is a non-profit organisation and between October 4th until the 10th they are launching its new ‘Love Your Pets’ social media campaign, which can be followed on Facebook.

The ‘Love Your Pets’ social media campaign is all about raising social awareness on Twitter using the hashtags #WorldAnimalWeek along with #ISPCA1 or getting as many people following the campaign on Facebook.

ISPCA Love Your Pets social media campaign pic 1

This campaign based in Ireland is to raise awareness for the standards for animal welfare in the country and across the world.

To be a part of ‘Love your Pets‘ people can donate or volunteer some time, if people cannot do either of the above then you can also give their pets some extra loving. The campaign in backed by Dublin GAA stars Cian O’Sullivan, Paddy Andrews and Denis Bastick all joined ISPCA ambassador Rosanna Davison in launching the campaign.

ISPCA relies on public donations, so you can sign up to give a donation of €4 a month by heading to their website or by texting ISPCA to 50300.

ISPCA Love Your Pets social media campaign