Google Plus hide or display Circles option

Google Plus gives you the option to hide or display who you add to circles, and while you might not consider this important, the people and pages your brand follows can speak volumes about you to your audience.

Now is the time to consider the following reasons to shine the spotlight on people in your circles.

Google Plus hide or display Circles option pic 1

Acknowledging top re-sharers and brand evangelists in your circles can give deserved recognition to people who value and advocate for your brand. Add them to a “Top Contributors” circle, then select that circle to be displayed. (The circle name will remain hidden)

Adding related industry brand pages to your circles may be viewed by some as promoting your competition, but many others will see that you’re staying on top of trends in your industry, and not resting on your laurels.

To control whether your page’s followers are hidden or displayed, select specific circles for display and click the “Edit” button in the lower left-hand corner of the “People” box on your “About” page.

Google Plus hide or display Circles option