Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook ban for private email

The Government of India are ramping up its data privacy, and in doing so they are planning on bringing approximately 5 million officials under the new private email network.

With the Government of India using its own secure email this will move them away from public providers such as Gmail, Yahoo and Outlook.

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This means officials will be banned from using public emails, which are free. They are looking at enforcing the ban by the end of 2014 early 2015 as to safeguard critical and sensitive data.

The government has endorsed the proposal moved by Department of Electronics and Information Technology (Deity) to make a safe and encoded email administration for government authorities. To counter the number of officials they will need to scale the infrastructure of the National Informatics Centre.

In a simple breakdown, this means the Government of India will be issuing five million new usernames and passwords for officials, and the reason for this is down to hackers gaining access to Google. Acting now will stop the suffering later.

Source – Times of India

Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook ban for private email