Breast Cancer social media logo appeal

Social media will not kill you, but Breast Cancer can! And over on Causes there is a new pledge to appeal to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram so that they can raise awareness by them using the new BCF’s special logos.

Breast Cancer awareness needs to be spread across social media, and yes it is great that users are tweeting, Facebook liking and sharing, but there is a better way.

Breast Cancer social media logo appeal pic 1

More people in the world check their social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram more than they do spending time to check their breasts. Both men and women can get ‘Breast Cancer’. And, now the new appeal is calling out to the social networking giants.

The new campaign appeal is asking people to pledge now for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to use the new unique logos, which you can see within this article.

Breast Cancer social media logo appeal pic 2

So far 587 people have pledged so far, but 9,863 more is needed. If you look at the logos you will see the image resemble the shape of a hand touching a breast, the tagline under the logo’s say, “If only you checked your breasts as often” it also say’s “Not checking status updates won’t hurt you. But breast cancer can, and might even kill you. In the time you spend online, you can easily do a breast self-examination instead. Learn how to perform one at Please appeal to use this logo during Breast Cancer Awareness month here.”

Do you agree that Facebook, Twitter and Instagram should use the new Breast Cancer Awareness logos?

Breast Cancer social media logo appeal pic 3

Breast Cancer social media logo appeal