Rantic now feed the homeless using YouTube

Rantic are definitely making the rounds lately, this time round they are not going to show nude photos of Emma Watson or try and shut down 4Chan. Now they have started the new ‘Feed The Homeless October’ campaign where YouTube is needed.

People have taken to Twitter to let YouTubers know that Rantic is a scam, they report they used to be SocialVEVO, then Swenzy and you should not give Rantic your email address.

When you visit rantic.com now, which last time was hacked by Le 9GAG Army you will see it has changed yet again. This time round Rantic wants all to join the ‘Feed The Homeless October’.

They say you need a YouTube channel and a good quality camera, they also quote, “You don’t need to waste a lot of money. You can buy something small and cheap, as long as you feed a homeless person. However, Rantic will be giving away $100 to the selected 5 YouTube channels who join our video campaign.”

They want all YouTube channels to join the latest campaign, they go on to say if you are chosen you will receive $100 to go out and film and the video will pertain to you feeding the homeless.

Who or what is Rantic.com? They seem to be a scam site with not a lot of information on them. Please do use the comments area below and let us know who they really are.

Rantic now feed the homeless using YouTube

  • [censored due to reason]

    Who know ? I mean, really, who know ?
    Rantic was socialVEVO and the first prank ; the one against Emma Watson come from them. But after that…
    SocialVEVO are (angry ex ?) 4chan’s users and claim that they aren’t behind the shutdown4chan campaign. So it seem (just “it seem”) that the site have been hacked one time, because of the emmawatsonyournext thing, by people against 4chan (or 4chan’s users against moot and it’s new censorship rules).
    Then, it seem that (other ?) 4chan’s users hacked the site because of the shutdown4chan thing. And now, perhaps the site was hacked another time, for a scam, because so many eyes are looking in its direction. Or perhaps socialVEVO have regain access to the site and, afraid by all this, try to do an “anonymous spirit” thing for to be forgiven.
    But, socialVEVO are pranksters, so they can have made the emmawatsonyournext, then the shutdown4chan, then the 9gag army “hack”. All this for the lulz, or for the “anonymous spirit” act that we can see now. I mean, all the eyes are looking in the rantic direction because of all this mess, and so, so many people see the “feed the homeless” campaign.

    tl;dr: Too many hacks in one week, or not a single hack, and at this time, probably less than 10 people know the truth.