Would you pay $2.99 a month for Facebook?

The news of Facebook charging its users $2.99 was squashed last week, and even though it was proven to be fake it was not before thousands started complaining about it.

Many Facebook users were outraged after believing the news was real, but it was nothing more than a fake article published by ‘The National Report’, which is a satire site that mocks the news where stories are made up.

OSM reported to its readers that Facebook charging a monthly fee starting November of $2.99 was indeed fake, and since doing so we had a few comments come in. One reader said, “If that actually came into effect I would delete my account straight away. Not only can I not afford it but many of my family and friends couldn’t either – which defeats the purpose of having Facebook in the first place.’

Everyone must remember that “Paul Horner” is a fun Google search and should not be taken seriously when you see an article published by him.

But even though we know it is fake we would like to know how people feel about the monthly fee, many Facebook users were very angry and took to both Facebook and Twitter to vent their anger, but some were in favor of the subscription.

Yes, Facebook earns enough money through ads amongst other things, which means they will never start charging its users for sign-up. There have been many comments pop up online questioning Facebook.

We will add a few ideas below and we would like you to pick one, if Facebook were to choose one of these below and put it into action what one would you choose – please provide your answer with your reason why in the comments below.

1) Yes Facebook should charge $2.99 per month.
2) No Facebook should not charge $2.99 per month.
3) Facebook should change the age group to 16 plus
4) I think Facebook should stay with 13 and over

Would you pay $2.99 a month for Facebook?