Top sport celebrities with 10M plus in Twitter

When it comes to sporting celebrities on Twitter there are only a few in the 10 million plus club, it is rather surprising how the number of followers have changed in a 3 year period.

How have the sportspersons followers changed from 2011 to 2014?

In 2011 Shaquille O’Neal had 3,564,335 followers, Kaka 2,934,112, Serena Williams 1,931,286 followers, Cristiano Ronaldo 3 years ago had 1,914,172 and Dwight Howard had 1,874,255 people following him.

Now in 2014 Shaquille has 8.81m, Kaka 20.9m, Serena Williams 4.39m, Cristiano Ronaldo has 30.1m and Dwight Howard has 5.39 million followers.

But the names above are not all in the top 5 when it comes to sport celebrities with 10M plus in Twitter. However, two of the names are and below are the actual top 5 sporting personalities.

Number 1) Real Madrid Winger Cristiano Ronaldo with 30.1m followers, Number 2) AC Milan Midfielder Kaká has 20,905,747 followers, in at Number 3) Miami Heat Forward LeBron James with 14.9m people following him on Twitter, Number 4) is Neymar Júnior with 14,452,054, in at Number 5) Ronaldinho Gaúcho with 10.8m

Sadly Wayne Rooney, Andrés Iniesta and Gerard Piqué just miss out of the 10M Plus Twitter club with 9,942,559, 9,611,782 and 9,470,182 respectively.

What sports personality do you follow on Twitter?

Top sport celebrities with 10M plus in Twitter