Rantic 4chan petition hacked by Le 9GAG Army

The site that started off as emmayouarenext.com, which basically threatened actress Emma Watson by showing her nude photos to the public turned into Rantic.com, but now when you visit Rantic you will now see it has been hacked by Le 9GAG Army.

emmayouarenext.com was a site where 4Chan users threatened to leak nude photos of Emma Watson, this site was soon taken over by Rantic.com who were a campaign firm trying to get 4Chan banned using the hashtag #shutdown4chan.

Rantic 4chan petition hacked by Le 9GAG Army pic 1

Rantic actually started the campaign with a covering letter to Barack Obama, but it has now gone a step further because the ‘Rantic’ site has been hacked by Le 9GAG Army, who are in association with reddit.com/r/Anonymous and Ebaumsworld.com.

rantic.com now shows two images, one of a distorted person (shown above) and the other of an animated banana holding its skin with a cheeky face. The caption at the top says, “we are legion, we do not forgive, we do not forget expect us.

If you visit the Rantic (@RanticMarketing) on Twitter you will see they have tweeted, “We would like to apologize! We do not want 4chan down nor do we want censorship. 4chan has united the internet and is our family. #KEEP4CHAN,” which basically contradicts itself considering they wanted to shutdown 4Chan – Clearly a massive PR STUNT in the making.

What are you views on emmayouarenext.com being taken over by rantic.com, only then to be hacked by Le 9GAG Army?

Rantic 4chan petition hacked by Le 9GAG Army

  • nagger

    I really like that image.

    • Tim

      Thanks Lori

  • Nami

    Wow, it’s like I’m listening to a toddler describe quantum mechanics. Y’all dumb as hell.

  • John

    it’s all yours my friend

  • Acid-O

    haha, Where did you find this one?!

  • anonymooose

    tears are being shed in laughter

  • anon

    My sides are in orbit. This is so misinformed.

  • [censored due to reason]

    My brain, it hurt so much… The nude leak threat was a fake, the petition was a fake, and so, probably also is the defaced site ; I mean, “le 9Gag army”, lulz, they don’t even know how to breath. The only question that matter is : who is behind rantic, _at this time_.
    Find the _real_ answer and suddenly all become clear.

  • Sebastian Von Fappywank

    le 9gag army is here lads

  • Marco Auditore

    SWJ and Rantic pwned in a single hit