Miss A Bae Suzy Instagram is official

Miss A singer Bae Suzy has officially opened her Instagram account, back in June this year she said she does not have an Instagram account and many are opening fake ones of her.

There are so many social media accounts tricking fans into believing they are the real deal, and Miss A’s Suzy has had many fake accounts made under her name – But now it is official she has an Instagram account.

Suzy took to her official Twitter account to let people know she is now on Instagram, this tweet alone saw 1.8K re-tweets and 2K added it to their favorites.

Suzy’s Instagram account (skuukzky) in one day has reached 157,394 followers. She only has one post profiling herself, which has already had 52.6k likes and 8.28k comments.

Within the time we wrote the paragraph above she has gone from 157,394 followers to 157,960, we can expect this to hit 350,000 by the weekend.

The single photo post is the same as her profile photo, she added a message saying “#셀스타그램 (?) kkkkk”, which if you check in Google Translate it says “Cell Star program,” but take no notice of this because it actually translates to “Sel-stagram (?) kkkkk.”

She has added a new Instagram post, which has had 39.1k likes and 1.73 comments, this photo is a little blurry. But, we are gusessing by the description she was jumping “#??? #jump jjjjump!!!!!!!!!!!!.”

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