FIFA 15 Friday trending in Twitter

The new FIFA 15 game release for PlayStation and Xbox happened at midnight on 26 September 2014, and the game is so popular a new hashtag is trending right now in Twitter.

The hashtag #FIFA15Friday is ranking in Twitter UK, and this is simply down to thousands queuing outside stores waiting to buy the sports game by EA Sports.

People are tweeting with the hashtag #FIFA15Friday and here are a few of the tweets below –

FIFA 15 Friday trending in Twitter pic 1

The game itself promises to provide better gameplay with more emotion, so much so developers have programmed in 600 emotional reactions each having different attributes and attitudes. Gameplay will show players with happy, angry, even bad tackles will show a different emotion.

FIFA 15 prices are as follows: Tesco £40 or £35 if you decide to buy Xbox Live credit, PS Plus subscription/PSN credit or Xbox Live Gold membership. Asda price is £44.99 or £34.99 when you spend £30 in-store. As usual HMV are the most expensive selling the game for over £52.

Have you purchased your FIFA 15 game yet? If yes please do let us know on what platform – Oh, and please add the hashtag #FIFA15Friday with your comment.

Even more FIFA 15 Friday tweets –

This is our favorite tweet –

FIFA 15 Friday trending in Twitter