Kendrick Lamar i audio video and social popularity

The new Kendrick Lamar ‘i’ single is doing very well at the moment, and by sharing it onto his social media networks as well as adding the audio video the popularity is rising.

The ‘i’ single is from his upcoming album (release not known) and samples a version of the 1973 “That Lady” by the Isley Brothers’. This is his first single as a lead artist since “good Kid, m.A.A.d City.”

Many social media network users are saying the cover photo for ‘i’ shows two hands showing a heart sign, some are saying it kind of looks like a gang sign such as the bloods and crips use but instead with a heart. In the photo you will see one person is in red and the other is wearing blue, which are the colors of the bloods and crips.

But the new Kendrick Lamar ‘i’ single does address humanism and politics of peace. In a nutshell it means ‘I Love Myself’, the track is very catchy indeed – Please do watch the Kendrick Lamar – i (Audio) video below.

The official and verified Kendrick Lamar Facebook page has 6,345,598 followers, The song ‘i’ is very popular indeed on Facebook, when Lamar shared the Sound Cloud audio mix the post got 10,679 shares, 36,674 people linking it and 3,364 comments. Then he also added to other posts of the new single linking off to Spotify and iTunes.

You can also join Kendrick Lamar over on Twitter where he has 4.7 million followers and his YouTube VEVO account has 858,655 subscribers.

What do you think of the new Kendrick Lamar ‘i’ single, and are you following one of his social media networks?

Kendrick Lamar i audio video and social popularity