New Facebook Atlas ads targeting with accuracy

Facebook is ramping up a gear or two so it can close the gap with Google’s supremacy in the online ad space. The social network has just revealed a new advertising platform that provides more accuracy and effectiveness of online ads.

The Wall Street Journal reports Facebook’s new product called the ‘Atlas Advertiser Suite’ is all set to help marketers target Facebook users, and with using the new ad management combined with its measurement platform purchased by Facebook from Microsoft last year good things are about to happen – If you like perfect ads that is.

Facebook’s new Atlas ad product will also use a new tool for marketers so that they can purchase ads to target Facebook users across the Web. They can basically measure which users have seen the ad as well as interacted with them, it can even tell if anyone has acted upon the ads appearing on Facebook.

Microsoft could not make Atlas work and this is when Facebook stepped in and bought the $6.2 billion write off in 2012. Google have always remained on the throne when it comes to online display ads in the US market, but Facebook is moving forward to make the gap smaller.

How do you think Facebook will fair with the new Atlas ad platform? Can they really close the gap with Google’s supreme ad power?

New Facebook Atlas ads targeting with accuracy