Life expectancy test on Facebook

A new game being shared all over Facebook is ‘What is your life expectancy?’ by Bitecharge. It is so popular the game has been shared on Facebook 872,000 times and climbing.

The ‘What is your life expectancy?’ test also comes with Facebook comments, so far 3,539 people have commented with the last comment being only a few minutes ago saying, “101! Now if only my body would cooperate!”

Do the test now, will you live to be 100 or less or maybe you will get to be over one hundred years old. Just simple answer 10 simple questions to find out!

Some of the questions include “What kind of friends do you prefer to have?” One asks “You tend to care a lot about” and the choice of answers include how you talk, your rights, how you dress, how you look or something else.

I did the test and it say’s ‘Your life expectancy is 116’.

After you have completed the test that is spreading on Facebook you can share your answer on Facebook or you can tweet it. Complete the test here.

Have you done the ‘What is your life expectancy?’ on Facebook yet?

Life expectancy test on Facebook