Fake Facebook conversation by web app

Facebook is a funny social media network place to be sometimes, it can be filled with debates, life-changing statuses, videos and so much more. But, now there are fake conversations going on thanks to a brilliant web app.

The fake Facebook conversation generator is called ‘Fake Convos’, and this is probably the best web app we have seen when it comes to fake Facebook statuses.

Fake Convos is very simple to use after you have read the instructions, do NOT go in hammer and tong please make sure you read it all properly to get the best out of the fake Facebook message generator.

To create a brilliant fake Facebook conversation and news feed, you will have to log in using your Facebook. You will see a pop up box, which says ‘Fake Convos will receive the following info: your public profile, friend list and email address. This does not let the app post to Facebook’. Just click the ‘OK’ button.

Be inventive and very witty, funny is always the best policy. This will be a fake conversation that will go on your Facebook timeline and the person you have added if you wish.

When you are on the Fake Convos site when you start typing into the comment’s box it will show you on the right what it will look like.

We will leave it there and just let you enjoy – What do you think of the fake Facebook conversation by web app?

Fake Facebook conversation by web app

  • Social Guy

    Who would want this? As a business owner I’d never trust something like this to back my brand. I read there fine print and was a little turned off by their warnings, “Stueynet Inc. is not responsible for the content of any of the fake Facebook posts on this site. We have provided a simple mechanism to have any offensive content removed so feel free to report any offending links”. Personally I think relying on this type of app is lazy if it’s for your business and could possibly put the wrong type of conversation out there thaqt could possibly hurt your brand.