World Rhino Day 2014 on Facebook

Today is World Rhino Day 2014, which celebrates the five species of Rhino left in the world, these include the white, black, Javan, Sumatran and greater one-horned rhinos.

Getting the word out is very important indeed and we here at OSM would like to spread the word also, and you can celebrate by liking the official World Rhino Day Facebook page, which at the moment only has 7,703 likes.

7,703 likes is good but should be a lot higher to save the endangered Rhino, below there are two videos to watch. One is by Dr. Jane Goodall with her message for World Rhino Day 2014. The other is by three well known celebrities, David Beckham, Prince William and Yao Ming.

Fighting against Rhino poaching is very hard indeed and the awareness needs spreading, these poor wildlife animals are being killed for their horns. Poachers cause devastation and with over 700 rhinos being killed in a single year with numbers rising there will be the danger of having no rhinos left.

Please do visit the official World Rhino Day cause on Facebook and click on the like tab, spread the word that you have so with a link to the Facebook page and ask all your friends to like as well.

Have you liked the World Rhino Day Facebook page yet?

World Rhino Day 2014 on Facebook