Healthcare hashtags trending in real-time

The Healthcare Hashtag Project by Symplur is a great community that makes the most out of Twitter.

So much can be learned by just visiting the hashtags supplied by Symplur, get into conversations, read the latest news, discover a whole new community to do with healthcare only.

The ‘Community by Numbers’ are very informative indeed, and under the ‘Healthcare Hashtags’ there are 560,516,560 tweets, 10,657 topics, 5,073 hashtags and 1,935 contributors.

Under the ‘Tweet Chats’ category there are 93,146 chat tweets, 24,868 chat participants and 156 recurring tweet chats. Under ‘Conferences’ there are 65,779 conference tweets and 12,803 conference participants.

Also within the ‘Disease’ community there are 563,447 disease tweets and 293,966 participants, ‘Ontologies’ has 7,744 cancer tweets and 3,864 cancer participants.

The ‘Regular’ category is where you can look at trending and newly added hashtags. In regular today the top trending hashtag is #digitalhealth, and the newly added is #AskEbola.

Please visit the Symplur Healthcare Hashtags hereWhat healthcare hashtag have you seen the most in Twitter?

Healthcare hashtags trending in real-time