Google Plus no thanks sign-ups for Gmail

YouTube users will be the first to say they do not like the way Google forces people to sign-up to Google Plus, so that they can continue to comment on the video-sharing site. But, now what people call ‘forced’ sign-up policy for Google Plus for a Gmail account has been abandoned.

Silently sitting in the corner without a whisper from an official Google announcer has decided to bin the sign-up process where users had to have a new G Plus account when they signed up for a Gmail account.

First reported by Marketing Land Google will now offer the ‘No Thanks’ button to the pop-up box that appears when you set up a new Gmail account, which means you do not have to have a Google Plus account.

Back in 2012, Google made it a rule that anyone wishing to sign-up for Gmail would have to have a Google Plus account, and this was mandatory by default.

Since this new update by Google it has caused a lot of concern and debates, some have already said they created the forced Google Plus account and once the email was set up they just deleted the G Plus account, thousands have already said G Plus has ruined YouTube.

What are your views on the new ‘No Thanks’ button, which means no more G+ when signing up to a new Gmail account?

Google Plus no thanks sign-ups for Gmail