Alicia Keys Instagram nude photo, video explanation

Alicia Keys has taken to her Instagram account to post a nude photo of her, and on her heavily pregnant stomach she has painted the peace sign. She also added an Instagram video explaining why she done it.

The naked singer who is pregnant herself is raising awareness for a new social ecology campaign called, ‘We Are Here’, which is a movement that Keys set up.

#WeAreHere is all about raising awareness of problems around the world, which she explains cannot be solved in isolation. It is a movement that raises awareness related to racial injustice, gender discrimination, poverty, accessible healthcare and children of war.

The Instagram photo of Alicia Keys in the nude that shows a peace sign painted onto her heavily pregnant stomach has gained 115k likes and 2.4k comments since Saturday 20th and the Instagram clip, which explains more about the Alicia Keys nude photo has gained 34.8k likes and 902 comments since Sunday 21.

Please do watch the Instagram clip above, you can also learn more about the ‘We Are Here Movement’ here.

What are your views on Alicia Keys going naked?

Alicia Keys Instagram nude photo, video explanation