Facebook charging monthly fee is fake

Facebook from November is all set to charge it’s customers a monthly fee of $2.99, this is really going to anger many users when this comes into play.

The above paragraph is what a few news sites are reporting, and it all started with the ‘National Report’.

The source above reported as from November 1 Facebook will charge $2.99 to keep up with growing costs, but we all know the National Report is a satirical website and the monthly charge is not going to happen.

National Report says that there was an interview with CNN and Facebook spokeperson Paul Horner where they discussed about the monthly fee. Just so everyone is aware OSM cannot find any news on this with CNN, and Paul Horner is just a National Report gag used in many stories.

We love the part when they say economic times are tight and Facebook ads are not as profitable as they planned, the site quotes “There’s so many pictures of cats, and all of those costs add up, we just can’t foot the bill any longer.”

Yes still laughing, Facebook cannot foot the bill.

If it were true, would you pay $2.99 per month to use Facebook?

Facebook charging monthly fee is fake

  • Nathan Fields

    “Paul Horner” is a fun Google search

  • Mike Reiss


  • Against all odds


  • http://www.mihaimoga.com/ Mihai MOGA


  • God Bless our Armed Forces!

    Stop believing lies you idiots!

  • barbie

    I will never pay to social on facebook. if it were true.. then facebook is gone for good.

  • Duncan Blair

    Hell to the no. I’d be deleting it as soon as that went into effect.

  • Askme Charles

    O well back to MySpace…

  • Loz

    If that actually came into effect I would delete my account straight away. Not only can I not afford it but many of my family and friends couldn’t either – which defeats the purpose of having Facebook in the first place.

    • lolololoo

      You can’t afford 3 dollers ?

      • Joe

        You can afford correct grammer:)

        • typical joe

          Grammar you idiet!

          • Julian

            Idiot, idiot!

  • Cornelia


  • John

    Hell NO !!!

  • Ingrid

    I would pay:
    *For FB not to be able to sell my data
    *For no advertising

    I recently left FB because their privacy policies are clearly dodgy.

  • John Smith

    I don’t use FB when it’s free. FB serves no useful purpose.

    • Tim

      That’s a very naive comment. It may serve no useful purpose too you but, too many it does.

  • Ally

    God no. Even though I could afford that with ease, that’s just stupid.

  • Kelly Hand

    No. I will not use it if I have to pay.

  • http://artur99.net/ artur99

    This fee will never be applied, they already earn billions from advertising… They won’t need to ask fees, because this will cause a massive profit loos and about a half of the facebook users will probably move on twitter or skype…

  • J-Dog

    It’s a satire site and it is just not true. Relax.

  • Michael Raymond

    Nope. Facebook is like standing in the checkout line with your friends and family and commenting to each other (and the people in the next line) about the tabloids newspapers.

  • Cindy Hughes

    If I had to pay, that would make me so mad. I use FB to keep up with friends and family. I don’t have to drive miles away and spend what little money I have to know how they are doing. Thank goodness for having FB . Tyvm FB