YouGov spot on with Scottish Independence prediction

The Scottish independence final poll sat with a 6-point gap at 46 per cent saying Yes and 54 per cent with a no vote. YouGov seems to have been spot on with its prediction, which they have been sharing on Twitter.

The poll taken after people voted in the Scottish referendum shows a no victory against independence, with a very close margin, but YouGov have been spot on all the time with its predictions.

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YouGov have said all along it will be a close margin and thanks to social media micro-blogging site Twitter they have kept the tweet updates coming in. YouGov were correct with its predictions after it based them 1,828 people responded after they voted, this was as well as 800 people already casting their ballots by post.

The tweet by YouGov said, “YouGov #IndyRef prediction: YES 46%, NO 54%.” But when you visit this official page some are not happy, one said the poll is wrong suggesting bookmakers were right. The comment also went on to say YouGov changes at the last moment, calling it lazy polling – maybe he means lazy posting!

But in response to the comment above another reader said, “Yougov have been calling the “Yes” vote at 48 for most of the last week, dropping to 46 on the day of the election, with bookmakers calling a 45-50 range.

Thanks to the YouGov Twitter account and Facebook page we have all be up-to-date with the predictions and news. Twitter hashtags trending at the moment in the UK and United States are #novote and #ScotlandDecides respectively.

Are you happy with the 46 Yes – 54 No per cent vote? And, Have you been using social media sites such as YouGov on Twitter for updates?

YouGov spot on with Scottish Independence prediction