Tim Cook vs Google, Facebook on privacy

Apple CEO Tim Cook has apparently cleverly attacked both Facebook and Google concerning the way they deal with users privacy, and even though he doesn’t mention any names many news groups point out it is obvious who Cook is talking about.

Tim Cook released a statement on its Apple Privacy page titled ‘A message from Tim Cook about Apple’s commitment to your privacy.’ As reported by The Guardian even though Tim Cook doesn’t mention the Google and Facebook it is a clear indication the letter raises Apple’s concerns over privacy and the use made of peoples’ personal data.

Facebook privacy

The Guardian’s title states Apple’s Tim Cook is attacking the two names, Tim Cook made it clear in his letter they do NOT “monetise” the data you store on your mobile device or in iCloud. The letter also goes on to say Apple does not read users emails or any messages to get data to market to you.

Google privacy

Facebook has been approached about its privacy concerns about Messenger; Google is according to reports being investigated in Europe by the privacy commissioners. This investigation covers the changes Google made to its privacy policy in 2012, where unified information about users used its different products such as Gmail, YouTube and Google Search.

Google stands strong and denies ever permitting government access to its servers – Even though Google and Facebook wasn’t mentioned, do you think Apple’s CEO Tim Cook is pointing the Apple Privacy statement finger at them?

Tim Cook vs Google, Facebook on privacy