Passenger Shaming fails on social media

You get onto your flight after waiting so long and then finally relaxed you see some nasty things you wished you didn’t, but not to worry because thanks to anonymous flight attendants and passengers around the world the shameful are being shamed on social media networks.

From passengers picking nails and chucking them on the floor, people sitting or sleeping with their tops off, someone’s feet coming between your seat. Or, what about passenger’s feet on the drop trays!

Social media site ‘Passenger Shaming’ will take pictures of passenger fails and will add them to its Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages – you have been warned readers.

One of the pictures shows a dirty diaper in the seat pocket, love the tweet below form its Twitter account –

So far the following is very good, but they need more. 92,401 followers on Facebook, over on Twitter ‘Passenger Shaming’ has 3,087 followers and on Instagram 91,624.

What is the worst thing you have ever seen during your flight?

Passenger Shaming fails on social media