No Google Plus update after iOS 8

Since iOS 8 released there have been many app updates; these include Facebook Gmail, Messenger, YouTube and Twitter, but nothing for Google Plus.

YouTube was updated to version 2.10.2 on September 17 for stabilization and bug fixes, Facebook saw its update on September 17 to version 14.9 even though these do not state the update was for iOS 8 it was an update after the Apple operating system was released.

Instgram, Messenger and Gmail have been updated to support iOS 8, Gmail has even updated its icon. Twitter updated its app September 18, and even though it does not state iOS 8 in the updates description we are certain it was.

The Twitter update includes brand new features so you can express yourself, New design for profiles now features bio, tweets and photos, there is now interactive notifications that allows users to use Twitter still whilst using another application.

But yet there is still no new update for Google Plus, in fact there has not been any new update to G Plus for months now. Some are saying Google Plus updates are scarce since Vic Gundotra left, some users on the social network believes why have an update when its not needed, another said updates are happening but not wildly publicised.

Do we need to see a Google Plus update seeing as iOS 8 has been released and available?

No Google Plus update after iOS 8