Google Plus bug in Knowledge Graph box

Breaking news at the moment is within the Google Plus Knowledge Graph boxes; a new bug has been found that removes a few G Plus elements.

A few elements have vanished from the Google Plus Knowledge, which appears for some brands within Google Search.

Google are aware of the issues and the bug is being fixed right now, Google Plus users should be aware that the bug only affects the Knowledge Graph box that shows up on the right-hand side of the search results page.

In regards to the “Recent Posts” section some brands have a Google Plus page with some of them having G Plus elements integrated into that box, this is where the problem lies.

It was Mark Traphagen that first reported about the bug on his Google Plus page here, but he has since updated his post by saying, “Google+ elements will return to Knowledge Panel brand boxes.”

Within his update he added a link to ‘Search Engine Land’, who reports as said above a fix is being worked on. It seems if you are logged into Google can still see recent posts section, but if you are not logged in you cannot see them, but this is being fixed.

What have you got to say on the Google Plus bug in Knowledge Graph box bug?

Google Plus bug in Knowledge Graph box bug