Give It Up video by Kutiman

YouTube is not just your normal video-sharing haven anymore; it’s actually a piece of art. It can be used to find aspiring musicians such as YouTube user Kutiman, we want the world to know this name and is why we are spreading across all social media networks.

Kutiman should be spread around social media sites like wildfire, she is very talented and he YouTube video titled ‘Kutiman – Thru You Too – GIVE IT UP’ proves this. OSM loves this.

Her video has only had 1,325,998 views since it was uploaded on 12 Sep 2014, but to be fair this should be a lot more, like 10m more.

What she has done is very clever indeed; she has taken snippets from 23 other videos containing music talents such as drummers, pianist, guitarist etc and looped them together to create her own song she actually sings in.

This is without a doubt a masterpiece, her song called ‘Give It Up’ should be the number 1 song of 2014, go on make it the number 1 Christmas track. She does list all the names and links of where she got the music.

What do you think of Kutiman’s Thru You Too, Give It Up YouTube video?

Give It Up video by Kutiman