Facebook’s discrimination against long names

Facebook are getting very strict when it comes to its fake name policy, and many accounts are being suspended because of this. One such person now called Chase N Silva from Kaneohe, Hawaii is not too happy with the social media giants.

Chase N Silva is the name he now uses on Facebook, because when it was Chase Nahooikaikakeolamauloaokalani Silva his account was frozen because Facebook deemed it a fake profile.

Facebook’s discrimination against long names

OSM will not add the embed Facebook status Silva posted because of swear words, but just visit here and scroll down to September 11. OK, Facebook wants to make sure its users are connecting will real people to keep the social media network safe.

The embed post ob Silva’s Facebook profile shows a clear image of official documentation of his real name. He said, “”I am a proud Hawaiian who wants to be able to display my Hawaiian given name.” Many comments have come in saying Facebook’s discrimination against long names is ridiculous.

Silva had to shorten his name to access his Facebook account, only now can he mollify the policy. If you have a ling name and believe Facebook could see it as fake, it might make sense to read this page where it shows details on how to submit approved documents, you can also confirm your identity here.

Have you ever been frozen out of Facebook because of your name?

Chase N Silva facebook issues

  • Beta Starchild

    Yup, frozen out yesterday because they claim my real name is not my real name. Added a fake middle name, “Eleanor,” and I was able to get back in.