Vote Yes Scotland Trending on Twitter UK

Trending on Twitter UK at the moment is Vote Yes Scotland (Hashtag #VoteYesScotland), and this is understandable considering over 4.3 million Scottish people will decide if Scotland should become independent.

The historic Scottish referendum was called following an Edinburgh and London agreement in 2012 – Two questions gaining more attention than any others include: “Should Scotland remain part of the UK?” And “Do you think Scotland should be an independent state?

Tweets are coming in very fast indeed, two Twitter hashtags trending at the moment include #VoteYesScotland and then closely followed by #YourVoteMatters.

Politically Green said, “#VoteYesScotland, set yourselves free of the British power elite & let’s all witness the unraveling of this empire, lots of love England xx.”

Other Tweets under the hashtag #VoteYesScotland include

Earlier on today we reported on the Scottish Independence latest opinion poll on Twitter, and it shows majority are for the No campaign.

Tweets under the hashtag #YourVoteMatters

Vote Yes Scotland Trending on Twitter UK