Scottish Independence latest opinion poll on Twitter

The Scottish Independence latest opinion poll, which was released just before the vote suggests a slight win for the No campaign, but how does this fair with the Yes campaign?

Polls for the Scottish independence referendum opened at 7am, and many Yes supporters are hoping for a victory, but the No campaigners are hoping for a win also – This looks like it will be a close one.

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The final poll suggests the No campaign will get a lead of 53% to 47%, the three opinion polls were released last night suggesting Scotland will vote against independence by a slight fringe. Numbers show Ipsos-MORI poll for STV had a Yes on 49% and No on 51%.

A YouGov poll for The Times and The Sun was 48% Yes and 52% NO, and Survation poll for the Daily Record gave 47% Yes and 53% were for the No campaign.

With a turn out of around 97% eligible to vote with a total of 4,285,323 people, thousands of people are more than likely to cast their votes by post. Buzz Feed News covers the Scottish Independence Referendum with live updates.

Over on Twitter Andy Murray tweeted, “Huge day for Scotland today! no campaign negativity last few days totally swayed my view on it. excited to see the outcome. lets do this!” Is the tennis star a no or a Yes campaigner?

Are you voting Yes or No for Scottish Independence?

Scottish Independence latest opinion poll on Twitter