Ruin A President hashtag creates name change

A new game has erupted on Twitter after the hashtag #RuinAPresident, this is all about the hashtag war and play has commenced.

Below you can watch the Comedy Central #HashtagWars – #RuinAPresident – @midnight YouTube video starring Beth Stelling, Nate Bargatze and Adam Cayton-Holland, but in the meantime check out a few tweets.

The game is simple where you create a new name for a president such as Grover Cleveland Steamer, JFKFC, other examples include Bareback Obama and Abraham LinkedIn.

The game started yesterday as part of the Constitution Day commemorating the formation and signing of the U.S. Constitution, and because of this the Twitter hashtag #RuinAPresident was created.

Here are a few tweets playing under #RuinAPresident –

Some do not like the Ruin A President game –

Ruin A President hashtag creates name change