Red Band Society Twitter buzz and character profiles

Red Band Society is a brand new Fox TV comedy show, which premiered on Wednesday, 16 September. Looking at the Twitter buzz it seems this one is very popular indeed with some saying they are already touched and hooked, and others saying it will win awards.

The pilot show, which aired yesterday gained positive reviews from viewers and the tweets below show you how much.

This new comedy drama called Red Band Society adds a bit of everything from laughter, provocative, and unique drama acting. Basically a bunch of friends who like to bend the rules, and contains mentors who look after them whilst they go through the ups and downs of adolescence in Los Angeles’ Ocean Park Hospital.

#RedBandSociety was trending in Twitter yesterday, and the tweets below shows you how much viewers are loving the new Red Band Society show. We have also added a few YouTube videos below, which includes character profiles – please let us know what video you prefer the most.

Have you been watching Red Band Society?

Red Band Society Twitter buzz and character profiles