Peter Thiel strong words against Twitter

Peter Thiel famous for his book Zero to One has taken a swing at Twitter live on air suggesting there is probably a lot of pot smoking going on, and that the micro-blogging site is mismanaged.

Big claims are coming from Peter Thiel at the moment towards Twitter, he is no stranger to the limelight with his occupation track record including being a Managing partner in Founders Fund, Former CEO and Co-founder of PayPal, President of Clarium Capital and he is also a financial backer in Facebook.

The pace of Twitter’s growth has always been a strong topic, and the prominent venture capitalist believes Twitter is being mismanaged as well as claiming weed smoking is going on. Mr. Thiel was in an interview on CNBC yesterday, which also included him discussing why he backs Google over Apple.

Thiel quoted, “Twitter is hard to evaluate, they have a lot of potential. It’s a horribly mismanaged company — probably a lot of pot-smoking going on there.” Very strong words according to tweets coming in.

Thiel also believes chief executive, Dick Costolo cannot do much to change things, apparently it is best to fire everyone and start over again. Over on Bloomberg you can see the video interview; they also report Thiel not disapproving of smoking pot considering he donated $70,000 to a California marijuana legalization campaign 4 years ago.

Peter Thiel (@peterthiel) verified official Twitter account only has one tweet since joining in 2009 with a staggering 58.1k followers, either he does not like Twitter or he is jealous according to a few users.

Do you agree or disagree with Peter Thiel’s opinion on Twitter?

Peter Thiel strong words against Twitter

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