Facebook verified profile within comments

Facebook verified profiles within comments it seems is the right thing to do, adding the blue tick within a comment provides users with authenticity.

The Facebook verified profile blue tick is not only for celebrities but also public figures, and though many profile pages do not have a tick it does not mean they are fake accounts. It simply means they haven’t been verified yet.

facebook verified comments

Many known figures such as celebrities, government officials, well-known business and brand as well as journalists are the ones that are well worth seeing with a tick unless you know they are real and not fake accounts.

It is all about identity, see a blue tick and you know Facebook has verified them, now Facebook are going one step further by adding these blue checkmark ticks within comments.

Thousands of people are always trying to duplicate fake profiles, but by having the tick of approval you can bet for sure they are the real deal. Facebook wants its users to know when they are on a real profile or not, but now we can tell it a comment is real or just some spam rubbish.

OSM would like to thank Matt Navarra for his tweet about the blue checkmark in comments – Do you like the idea of Facebook verified comments?

Facebook verified profile within comments