ECI 201 Twitter use in classroom

Having a debate in a classroom can be rather daunting for many students, sharing opinions or comments out loud scares people a lot. So how about using Twitter as a way of responding to build encouragement and engagement?

Over on Twitter the hashtag #eci201 is being used rather a lot, ECI 201 is the ‘Intro to Instructional Technology for Educators’, an effective technology for the addition in teaching practices across the curriculum for pre-service teachers.

This means using different ways such as technology-based tools such as cloud applications, Internet/ Web-based, desktop and even mobile. This is where the idea of using Twitter in the classroom comes form.

When you look at some of the tweets under the hashtag #eci201 it is rather interesting to say the least on how much support using Twitter at school means to some people.

Hannah Hunt tweeted, “In my future classroom I would choose to use twitter as a way to update parents on what their children are learning #eci201.”

Do you like the idea of using Twitter in a classroom?

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ECI 201 Twitter use in classroom