Status of Scotland Referendum on Facebook

When it comes to the Scottish independence referendum in a five-week period it has had over 10 million interactions according to the social media site.

From the dates August 1 to September 8 the figures of the Yes campaign has a narrow lead in terms of discussion on Facebook, when it comes to comments, likes and shares 85% of this number comes from Scotland. And, thanks to Facebook adding a brand new feature, users will be able to let friends and family know when they have voted in the referendum.

The Facebook ‘I’m a voter‘ button will allow users to let the world know that they have voted and when they cast their ballot, it WILL NOT show anyone who they voted for though.

Scotland and Now are showing some figures from Facebook’s research, it shows Facebook seeing 2.5 million interactions that are directly related to the “Yes” campaign during the five week period. 1.96 million was related to the Better Together campaign.

When it comes to the Yes campaign on Facebook there were a staggering 258,000 likes, which is a lot more than the No campaign at 182,000, and in the five-week period it grew by 27% compared to 17% for the Better Together.

Have you used the ‘I’m a voter’ button on Facebook yet?

Status of Scotland Referendum on Facebook