Narendra Modi birthday tweets, 6.4m at 64

Today is the birthday of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and at 64 years of age he has just gone over the 6.4 million followers on his verified Twitter account.

Narendra Modi Twitter followers have gone from 6.1 million to 6.42m from September 3rd to the 17 respectively, this means in just a two-week period he has gained another 300,000+ followers. It is a little strange he is 64 and he has 6.4m follower, both ads up to the same number.

The PM uses Twitter a lot to connect with the people that follow him, he tweet even more so in the run up to the last Lok Sabha elections.

Modi visited his nonagenarian mother, Hiraben for a blessing. A photo was added to PMO India.

Many Modi fans sent in tweets wishing the PM a happy birthday, the hashtag #HappyBirthDayPM is trending at the moment and getting a lot of tweets under it.

One tweet said, “@narendramodi Sir Your birthday is special for this country.. Because it is our honor to have a Prime Minister like you #HappyBirthDayPM.”

Here are a few other tweets – OSM would like to say a Happy Birthday to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, hope you have a wonderful day sir.

Tweets under the hashtag #HappyBirthDayPM

More Happy Birthday Tweets

If you wish to say happy birthday to Narendra Modi, please do in the comments below.

Narendra Modi birthday tweets, 6.4m at 64

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