iOS 8 download time causing Twitter stir

So many people are taking to Twitter today whilst they wait for iOS 8 to release, which should be happening today after 10:00am Pacific time (6pm GMT). The mixed tweets are both in favour of the update and some not so keen.

iOS 8 download time waiting game has begun and the clock is ticking, once it goes live there will be two ways to download and install OTA, the first by going to Settings > General > Software Update, the second by simply connecting via cable to iTunes.

New iOS features will include download apps via Siri, smart photo albums, faster voice recognition for Siri, deleted photos recovery and much smoother operation. There will no doubt be updates for both Twitter and Facebook apps once iOS 8 has been released and readily available.

Many Twitter users are saying they will wait a few days before installing iOS 8, one tweet read “This iOS 8 download is about to murder my battery,” which is rather interesting.

Will you be downloading iOS 8 once its releases or will you wait a while?

Other tweets include –

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iOS 8 download time causing Twitter stir