Forget Facebook join exclusive Netropolitan Club

Facebook is free, yes you do get ads, games, annoying status messages about people’s days, but it’s free. You could forget Facebook and join ‘The Netropolitan Club’, but there is a snag of about $9000.

The Netropolitan Club is an exclusive global online community for the rich, if you want to join them you have to fork out $9000 up front and then another $3,000 per year afterwards.

It is basically an online community for the rich, we personally say it is an online community for the clinically insane, $9000 for the first year and then $3000 every year after that is just crazy, but whatever takes your fancy as they say.


Everyone has an opinion and we guess there is a market for an online social media site for people with lots of money to spare, the Netropolitan Club as quoted by the website is an online country club for people with more money than time.

The club offers those that join access to like-minded individuals worldwide, the service is private and secure and is inaccessible from the public Internet and of course search engines, all member transmissions to and from Netropolitan are encrypted.

There are NO ads on the online community for the rich, as if they need ads anyway seeing as they are getting $9000 from each person that joins. Have 1000 people sign up and that’s $9 million (US) not bad is it. No ads will be shown or sold, but they do allow businesses to create groups and members to advertise to each other but guidelines are strict.

Would you considering joining the exclusive Netropolitan Club or will you stick with Facebook?

Forget Facebook join exclusive Netropolitan Club