New Gmail, Yahoo ban may restrict officials

5-million stolen Gmail passwords were leaked by hackers recently, which made everyone sit up and think. Now millions of Gmail users are very cautious and changing their passwords to be on the safe side, it has also prompted the Government to take note as well.

One question popping up after the Gmail password leak is, “Are new users hoping to use Gmail put off now?”

The latest news by TechTree reports that both Gmail and Yahoo may see a ban, which could restrict Government officials. This will include bureaucrats, Government officials and ministers, which could see them being banned from using email services such as Yahoo Mail and Gmail.

According the latest reports any services by National Informatics Centre (NIC) will be the only means of official email communication for all government work. This could be interesting considering services by NIC is the government’s official email service provider – Officials may not be too happy t learn they may be restricted from using Gmail and Yahoo.

Other than NIC, service providers cannot be used for personal emails. This means they will not be able to send an email from official IDs to their personal IDs. And, as long as they are hosted outside India government organisations will be allowed to use independent email servers. 3.5 million employees according to a report states that NIC provided official email IDs.

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