Facebook privacy check up tool now showing

Today the new Facebook privacy check up tool popped up when looking through my personal profile, which shows you what you need to do in a few simple steps.

It all started off with a Facebook pop-up message saying, “Hi Mark! We have a new tool that helps you quickly review a few of your privacy settings to make sure that they’re set up the way you want. It should take a minute or two to use. Do you want to have a go?

You have the option to either click ‘No Thanks’ or Let’s Do It.” When you click on the let’s do it tab you will see another pop up explaining the next three steps. Which includes your posts, your apps and your profile.

The three quick steps are put into place to help make sure that you’re sharing with the right people, this controls who can see what you share when you post from the top of News Feed or your Profile. Mine said, ‘Your current setting is Friends. Who would you like to see your next post?’ and it is here you can change from friends to public etc.

Changing this here will set the audience for your future posts, but you can change it whenever you post and we’ll remember your choice for next time.

Next up is ‘Your Apps’ and here are the apps you’ve logged in to with Facebook. You can edit who sees each app you use and any future posts the app creates for you, or delete the apps you no longer use. Remember, you can always edit your apps by going to your App Settings.

Last but not east is ‘Your Profile’ – Your Profile helps people connect with you on Facebook. Take a second to review some of the info on your Profile and who you’re sharing it with. This is where you can change your phone, Email, Birthday and Home Town – Once all done just click on the ‘Finish’ tab.

Have you had the new Facebook privacy check up tool pop up yet?

Privacy Check-up Facebook

  • Liz Wild

    How do I get it back?