Colombian cycling team nude kit causing Tweetilation

The women’s Colombian cycling team is causing somewhat of a Twitter stir at the moment; it has more to do with their rather revealing kit that is being questioned than the team itself.

The designer of the cycling kits for the Colombian National Women’s Cycling Team surely must have known what the kit would look like once worn, they look a little strange to say the least, the color combination looks like they are showing their lady parts off.

When you look at the photo below you can see the ladies bottom half of their body looks somewhat nude, this is what everyone is calling an international illusion of nudity.

Skin-colored uniforms showing what looks like to be the ladies private areas is somewhat strange, and looking at the photo below they are unaware of what they look like. The team’s sponsor, the city of Bogota, endorsed the uniform.

The big debate!
“We are on the case, it is unacceptable by any standard of decency.” Is what the International Cycling Union President tweeted. At the moment the Cycling’s governing body is looking into the matter.

What are your views on the Colombian cycling team’s nude kit?

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Colombian cycling team nude kit causing Tweetilation