RG3 needs social media administrator

Robert Griffin III known simply as RG3 does not have a religion but has a relationship with god; he doesn’t seem to have a fair relationship with his social media networks either and should have an administrator.

If you visit the official social media profiles of Robert Griffin III, you will see he has a massive following. Over on Facebook he has 989,923 followers, over 1.18 million RG3 fans on Twitter and 251,327 follow the sports star on Instagram.

But, his social media networks are not updated regularly compared to other top-named sport stars. RG3’s Facebook account was last updated on September 5th; a massive 10-day gap with no posting, then there was a four-day gap between the next post published.

His Instagram profile is not much better, his last Instagram was posted on September 1st, other dates include August 31, August 22. His Twitter account is a little better, but he does have many gaps with his tweets.

RG3 should have a social media administrator so his fans can be updated on a daily basis, and we do not mean 1 or two updates a day.

Do you think RG3 is slow in updating his Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts?

RG3 needs social media administrator