Koh Toa killings prompt social media manhunt

Two British backpackers were found dead on the paradise island of Koh Toa, which is now on lockdown. The brutal murders of David Miller, 24 and Hannah Witheridge, 23 were killed with a hoe according to reports.

The two were on their Thai holiday on Koh Tao, which means ‘Turtle Island’. Koh Tao is still a very safe place to visit and is known as the full moon party island of Koh Phangan where 2,000 people live. Tourists are what keep the island alive.

It has been said in reports the police are hunting a British man who may possibly know Miller, no motive of the murders have been concluded just yet. Reports are coming in saying the suspect may have fled the diving island for Bangkok.

BBC News reports about Thailand still being safe, and that Koh Tao gets around 400,000 and 500,000 travellers per year mostly by keen backpackers and divers.

Please share this around with all your social media networks, friends etc. Lets start a social media manhunt to catch the person/s behind the Koh Toa killings. People are already tweeting about this shocking news; here are a few tweets –

What are your views on the Koh Toa killings?

Koh Toa killings prompt social media manhunt