Jeff Lynne ELO World Tour hope

Jeff Lynne and Electric Light Orchestra for the first time in 28 years took to the stage at the Hyde Park festival yesterday, Lynne also excited fans by saying if all goes well with the show he may consider a world tour.

Many loved the BBC Concert Orchestra who stood in for ELO and Lynne was on top form with his vocals with no signs of aging and giving up just yet on providing good music. He was joined by original ELO pianist Richard Tandy and the BBC Concert Orchestra and the video shows below how good he is still.

The ‘Jeff Lynne’s ELO – Mr. Blue Sky at Radio 2 Live in Hyde Park 2014’ was uploaded onto the BBC Radio 2 YouTube channel. The Facebook post below shows that in nearly 30 years Jeff Lynne and Electric Light Orchestra can still have a good time.

On the official Jeff Lynne Facebook page you can see the star back stage with Terry Wogan, many fans are asking when will the live tour be announced. Please do read more over on the Birmingham Mail.

Would you like Jeff Lynne and ELO do a world tour?

Jeff Lynne ELO World Tour hope

  • Ted Blight

    Yes, for sure! E.L.O. are the greatest band ever! Keep fingers crossed that he’ll do a tour.


  • Richard Flapper

    Oh yeah. I was in Hyde Park on Sunday evening and it was by far the most emotional concert I’ve been to. Really hope a world tour is in the cards!

  • Wouter de Vries

    Just great so see the video in Holland. I wish I was there. I’ve seen ELO twice live on stage in Rotterdam, many years ago. For me is ELO the greatest band on earth and I will keep my fingers crossed that Jeff wil do the world tour.

  • Darlene Capretta

    Bring that tour to the Rock Capital of the World. Cleveland awaits ELO.