Finding Fanny box office disappointment

Indian movies Finding Fanny and Creature 3D starring Deepika Padukone and Bipasha Basu respectively may be good on social networking with its fans, but when it comes to box office figures the word disappointment comes to mind.

Two movies with one being witty and romantic with the other being a sort of horror, creep monster film are not what you call box office gems.

Both movies released on September 12 with Creature 3D only pulling in Rs 6.88 crore in two days, Finding Fanny only generated just over Rs 10 crore.

On the first weekend Finding Fanny clocked up Rs. 6.34 crore on Sunday and 5.81 crore on Saturday, with Friday only pulling in Rs. 4.24, could this mean that the movie will earn more during the week. To earn more on a Sunday rather than a Friday or Saturday is rather interesting.

Nether the less, both Finding Fanny and Creature 3D didn’t do as good as people first thought when it comes to the box office numbers.

Did you like Finding Fanny?

If you visit both Finding Fanny and Creature 3D Facebook pages you will notice no mentions of how the movie faired over the weekend, if it was good surely they would have shared the information.

Source – India Today

Finding Fanny box office disappointment