David Haines beheading video condemned on Twitter

The Islamic State is not holding up in terrifying the world with its barbaric way, a brutal David Haines beheading video, which lasted 2-minute, 27-second was a nasty execution “an act of pure evil” said Prime Minister David Cameron.

Many other celebrities and politicians took to Twitter to vent their outrage including Piers Morgan, the video released showed David Haines, 44 who was kidnapped kneeling on the floor with an executioner wearing black holding a knife. Before Haines’ barbaric murder he read out a script where he blames David Cameron.

The script started off with “My name is David Cawthorne Haines,” and in it he declares and holds David Cameron responsible for his execution. In one part of the script it said, “Unfortunately, it is we the British public that in the end will pay for the price for our parliament’s selfish decisions.”

The full script can be read over on BBC News UK, the executioner seems to be the same one that killed Sotloff and Foley, but in the Haines video he speaks with British accent whilst looking into the camera.

David Cameron has said on Twitter he will find the killers, the David Haines video of the beheading is barbaric and many have taken to Twitter to have their say, please read them below.

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David Haines beheading video condemned on Twitter