Back to school shoppers on social networks

Today, RadiumOne announced its first annual back-to-school survey, which polled the opinions of 1,079 back-to-school shoppers.

The survey, accompanied by an infographic shown below is based on mobile and social shopping/sharing behaviors. RadiumOne’s survey found that 83% of respondents use a mobile device while back-to-school shopping to receive coupons (37%), read product reviews/research products (25%), redeem coupons (25%), manage shopping lists (23%) and purchase items (22%).

While shopping, 33% actively share deals via a mobile device opting for Facebook as their sharing platform of choice (81%), followed by email (47%), text (43%) and Twitter (18%).

The survey findings show in addition to the growing number of consumers utilizing a mobile device for back-to-school shopping, 25% will use a mobile app while shopping in-store to compare prices, further solidifying the importance of geo-local targeting to encourage purchase decisions.

When it comes to influencing purchase decisions, most back-to-school shoppers care about percentage-off sales (74%), followed by promotions like buy-one, get-one (55%), free shipping (40%) and one-day sales (31%).

1 in 4 (26.6%) will share pictures or videos of their new purchases with their social networks. Among those that share pictures or videos, they will use the following channels: 81.3% Facebook, 36.2% WhatsApp, 23.1% shared via Twitter and 12.3% YouTube.

Please check the infographic out below and then answer this question – What social network do you use to share photos or videos of new purchases?

Back to school shoppers on social networks

Back to school shoppers on social networks pic 1