TJ Lane, school shooter hate on Twitter

TJ Lane, the 19-year-old school shooter escaped prison today, he was serving a life sentence after firing 10 shots of killing Demetrius Hewlin, Russell King Jr and Daniel Parmertor. The killer is getting a lot of hate on Twitter after users heard of his escape.

Just so all are aware, T.J Lane is now in custody after escaping with two other inmates. When they did escape the police said they were unharmed but dangerous, no one knows how the men escaped but they have been caught.

Lima Police tweeted a message saying, “Officers are continuing to search. Please remain in your homes and do not pick up hitchhikers. Call 911 if you see anything.” They also tweeted these below –

The hate for killer TJ Lane is clear over on Twitter, in one of the tweets you can see when he wore a T0Shite with the word ‘Killer’ on it, he also sticks his middle finger up in courts like he just didn’t have a care in the world.

Look at the TJ Lane hate tweets below – Do you have anything you wish to say about TJ Lane?

Another tweet said, “It’s people like TJ lane that assure me in why I believe in capital punishment.”

Read many more tweets on TJ Lane here.

TJ Lane, school shooter hate on Twitter