Facebook down time, something went wrong

Facebook has just gone down and is showing an error message, which says ‘Sorry, something went wrong. We’re working on getting this fixed as soon as we can.’

When we click on Facebook we are getting nothing, just the error message saying they are trying to fix the issue. Then we click again and all seems to work again – No it’s gone again.

facebook down

At the moment we here at OSM are in the UK and every other site we visit is perfectly OK, the Internet is all working well. We are not sure if this is global or not, but we do know there are Facebook on and off problems in the UK.

As soon as we know more we will let you all know, at the moment we do not know why Facebook is down.

Are you having problems getting onto Facebook at the moment? If so, please let us know what country you are in.

Facebook down time, something went wrong

  • Gogu

    In Romania Facebook is down too. Chrome just says that the webpage is not available.

  • Dave

    In Czech FB is down too

  • Lauri

    Estonia down aswell

  • Miroslav Divčić


  • Choucapic

    France down

  • Darkblue12

    Germany is down too

  • ZohAib Ahmed

    Pakistan down

  • Spiros Mavris

    Greece down and not even getting to the error message…

  • Shafik

    egypt is down too !!

  • ZohAib Ahmed

    but working in USA

  • Gabriel

    Down for Romania…

  • Horatio

    In Norway and Poland is also down. Looks like Europe got hit… No reports from US on twitter

  • http://www.laidodittmar.com/ Laido Dittmar

    Down in Hungary

  • Blaz

    In BIH down, too

  • ZohAib Ahmed

    it up

  • Belgium Guy

    Down in Belgium

  • Miroslav Divčić

    work now

  • blueyez8128

    down in US

  • meg

    just went down in Washington DC

  • bluekootie

    New York

  • Cookie

    Maryland can not find server all of a sudden

  • lynne

    kentucky facebook is down says can’t load information at this time they are busy to try again later.