9/11 conspiracy reignited on anniversary

Yesterday the world took time to remember all those lost in the September 11 World Trade Center tragedy, but over on Twitter the 9/11 conspiracy reignited on the anniversary.

It was the 13th anniversary yesterday when the World Trade Center and the Pentagon were attacked, and many questions are starting to pop up on Twitter and around the Web at the moment. Conspiracy theories of the tragic day that killed over 3,000 people are surfacing.

A recent poll held by YouGov looks into a few of these theories. Take the video below for example, people believe it was not the cause of fire that brought building 7 down, it does not look like a natural building collapse it has been said.

The poll held was sponsored by the group ReThink911, apparently the poll showed that 38 percent of Americans have doubts about that day and 46 percent didn’t even know building 7 collapsed, and the poll showed 41 percent of Americans wanting a new investigation to be opened with 21 percent opposing this proposition.

If you look over on Twitter right now the 9/11 conspiracy theories are starting to come in, all over the web people are searching for both ‘9/11 images’ and ‘911 pictures’ in the hope they can find more details.

OSM would like to say our thoughts are with all family and friends that lost a loved one on September 11, RIP love always. Please donate a tweet here to show your support.

Here are some tweets below on the 9/11 conspiracy reignited on anniversary, people are not happy that the conspiracy theories are surfacing, especially after a massive billboard was put on show.

9:11 conspiracy reignited on anniversary